sexta-feira, 20 de junho de 2008


I searched a challenge as musician. I thought: “One day I dream of writing a symphony”.

I wanted so much to write a symphony or one suite containing elements of my culture, of my region.

So, everything that surrounds me directed so that this could happen, but I did not know how nor for where to start.

Certain day, after I baptized some brothers, in the mansion of friends in the Crato - CE, Brazil, observing the fascinating landscape, having as background the Mountain of Araripe.

Then it came into me this thought:

What a nice landscape”! “What a beautiful symphony”! This I thought because its multivales, hillsides and mounts had made me to imagine as if melodies were springing from its valley, echoing in my soul, sounding as staves of a symphony distilling.

Then, when I returned my home, I sat down front of my PC, run Sibelius 3,0 and I started to write thouse sounds resounding in my mind.

Note: I do not play any instrument, but I only use the PC’s keyboard and musical notation to write.

Then firstly it had come the eighth movement.

After that, it came, each by one, the others movements, from the first over the seventh and I felt that the symphony was concluded.

Symphony - The WEDDINGS OF the LAMB



1st Mov. Overture - Creation and Fall

I made here a contrast of the virgin nature, without the presence nor the predatory action of the white man representing the pureness as God created us.

Suddenly, it happened a catastrophe after the fall of the man from the presence of God. This I represented as the invasion of the white man and his destructive nature against his own habitat, his own environment. It can be heard a glissando of Cellos, after followed blows of axe in the trees. It is the moment of the fall. It ends so sad and melancholic, such which the result of the fall of the man from God.

2nd Mov. Good News (Good New)

God in search of the man. A homage to the prophets and preachers of the Good News of the Kingdom. It can be noticed stretches with intentions of hymns of the Christian Singer.

3rd Mov. Lamentations

I hope you enjoy what I tried to express through each movement.

A reference to the diverse forms of religion without result spiritual. You can find Brazilian rythms as “toada’ intentions of in counterpoint with discrete intentions of traditional hymns.

4th Mov. Hope (Hope)

Each day it renews the hope of better days, in special of redemption, even so this only let us find in the person of The Lord and Salvador Jesus Christ.

5th Mov. Redemption

The moment where the people reach their search the Lord and they start to integrate the Church washed and redeemed by the precious blood of the Lamb.

6th Mov. Rapt of The Bride - 5:4

It represents the prophetical voice of the Lord to His Church. I typify this through a wheels’ simulation that it covers the churches announcing the prophetical words announcing that Jesus is coming back you. This I try to transmit when simulating a discrete whistle of wildwoods.

7th Mov. Here Is The Groom - minuet

The moment that registers the fond one of the Groom to celebrate His weddings. Based in the parabola of the ten virgins.

8th Mov. The Wedding of the LAMB (rondo)

The celebration of the Weddings of the Lamb. It’s a well festive, giving a tremendous tone to the event. An ending in apotheosis.

I hope you may enjoy that I tried to express through each movement.

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