segunda-feira, 7 de novembro de 2011

Carminis Pastoral # 003: IN THE SHINING GRACE

Structure of stanzas: 5-3-2-2

Rejoice in the shining grace
In intrepid desire to work in total
Although I want no boredom or trace
My strength in mere subtotal
Distorting in medium tones embrace.

He deeply longs, to give us
Want to warm the prose in aureal
In donations less or plus.

What could I remove the taint of spoiling
Nublante pain without any misfortune

And no damn statement in fortune
But being happy, at last, the cue giving.


Carminis Pastorali – is a poetic modality that integrates the Esmeraldinus Verses, created by the Poet João Bosco Rolim Esmeraldo
Structure of stanzas: 5-3-2-2
The metric is defined in the first verse and must be maintained until the end of the poem;
Phrasal accent is free, but must take care of prosody and avoid the cacophony and the syllable.
The idea must go developing from the fisrt verse and growing until at the end, the last verse should be the strongest and has the burden of closing the poem with a golden key.

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